The front of the pure gold coin designed by goldsmith Zoltán Tóth features a depiction of the back of the Lancea Regis dénár minted by St. Stephen, which is surrounded by 10 stylised cross motifs.

The main image can be interpreted as a crown or church, referring to St. Stephen’s foundation of the state and establishment of the church as well as his minting activities, while the cross motifs represent the most important achievement of his rule, the development of the diocese system consisting of 10 bishoprics.

The central motif on the back presents a detail of the coronation mantle depicting St. Stephen, which was made in 1031.

The image of St. Stephen on the coronation mantle is the only surviving contemporary depiction of Hungary’s first king.

Around the smooth edge of the coin runs a circular legend with King Stephen’s title from a document of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma “STEFANUS SUPERNA PROVIDENTE CLEMENTIA UNGRORUM REX ●” (Stephen, by Mercy of Supreme Providence, King of Hungary).